Andy’s wood artistry is a culmination of his life-long love for woodworking and his artistic and engineering skills. Those who meet him for the first time quickly experience his passion and commitment to wood art.  Andy has always been inspired by artists who can take their medium and twist it in unimaginable ways.  For example, Andy is an avid fan of Seattle glass artist Chihuly and the legendary Murano glass artisans.  Andy strives to create wood carvings that mimic undulating folds of fabric and flowing water.  He carves the wood wet and slowly allows it to dry.  His actual wood carving technique is one which he as mastered over years of trial and error. 

Andy’s wood sculptures have gained world-wide recognition. His undulating wood vessels and his dynamic sculptural series are renowned among wood aficionados . Andy has been honored with many news features about his incomparable style, including articles in American Woodturner, Creative Woodturning New Zealand, and Woodturning Magazine in England. His sculptures, “Fiore Rosso”, “Torrent,” & “Rising” plus his “Marbleized Maple” vessel have toured nationally with the AAW juried exhibitions in 2018, 2016, 2014, 2013 & 2010.

He was an invited Artist for the 2015 AAW juried exhibition. His ‘Eye of the Sun” vessel was a 2014 Niche award finalist. In 2013, Andy received an AAW Excellence award for his dynamic sculpture ‘Entwined’. New Hope Arts Sculpture Jurors Award in 2022 for his undulating bowl series.

Andy lives in Burlington, New Jersey with his wife, Patricia, and his Golden Retriever and two Collie’s.


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